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Quarantine modeling



  1. No thematic constraints. Contest open to handmade creations from assembly kits, Auto and Truck subjects. Only 1:24 scale accepted. No limit to the subjects, neither liveries nor typologies, all accepted.

  2. The model must have been completed during the Italian quarantine period,
    from 01-03-2020 until the contest expires, 31-05-2020. Models pre-registered for the martini contest are accepted.

  3. ISi accepts only one model per participant.

  4. Competitors are invited to share the progress of their work on the group "Modeling in assembly kit".

  5. The delivery will take place digitally on this site, in the appropriate section accessible from the contest page. Please create a folder called "Surname_Name" and add your images.

  6. The final photos cannot be shared publicly before the final judgment

  7. Photos must have UNIFORM WHITE background. In the case of photos not responding to the request, 3 points will be removed from the final mark.

  8. The number of photos required is 5, divided into:

    1. 3 of the model

    2. 2 of WIP or detail

  9. The jury's judgment is unquestionable.


At your place:

  1. Quarantine start date: 01-03-2020

  2. End of models delivery date: 31-05-2020


Evaluation criteria:

  1. Technique (10PT) (Evaluated in finishing, assembly cleaning, painting)

  2. Realism (10PT) (Total model rendering, a realistic model or a toy)

  3. Photography (5PT) (Ability to tell the model in 5 photos)

  4. Respect for delivery (1 PT)


Prizes: 1st place: THE TRANSKIT OF DESIRES: unique opportunity to see one's own dream come true. (will be evaluated with the KMP team on the basis of 3 totally different options provided)



Andrea Brivio

Antonio Polidori

Holger Boborowski





WINNER: Maurizio Mangano with Alfa Romeo 155 v6 JaegerMeister



Andrea Coppa with SLS AMG GT3 Martini

Matteo Mussi with Ferrari F40

Willy Leufroy with Shelby Cobra