Any car that took to the track in the historic 24h of Le Mans is allowed. It is required to provide a photo proof of participation during the registration phase.



For this second edition, we have organized, in collaboration with the "Red Devils" modeling club, a FREE physical exhibition (any shipments not included) of all the models participating in the contest, with physical awards on site during the international modeling exhibition "19 ° RED DEVILS AWARD "which will be held at their new headquarters in Schio (Vicenza), on 25-26 May 2019. The models participating in the" II ° KMP contest "will also be able to register (subject to a small participation fee). “19th RED DEVILS AWARD”, according to their rules that we will share shortly. We will try to organize group transport, to avoid costs and damage problems. See you are there! So we will all get to know each other, and you will meet several monsters of Italian and non-Italian modeling!

We sincerely thank RESCHIMICA srl who provided us with some silicone and PE resin sets for the contest winners as sponsorship. We will never stop promoting their products, not so much because they sponsor us, but because they are really of excellent quality, at a VERY competitive price, not to mention the continuous innovation they implement, with increasingly performing and easy-to-use silicones., visit it!


  1. The kit must be new from the box, and conform to the category it belongs to. Multimedia kits are not accepted, but Transkits, detail-ups and custom / aftermarket parts are accepted. The starter kit must be in Plastic from Sprue, so no resin kit or metal kit. Only 1:24 scale accepted.

  2. The participant is registered if a photo of the kit arrives at the page no later than September 15th 2018 and is approved accordingly by the judges. Exceptions to POINT 1 must be agreed with the judges. The photo can be sent as a private message or as a post on the page itself, at your preference!

  3. Competitors are invited to share the progress of their work on the group “Modeling in kit form”.

  4. The final delivery will take place via Electronic Mail (E-Mail) at the address “koolmodelsproduction [at] gmail [dot] com”.

  5. Try not to exceed 50MB, if the file is more than 20MB, I ask you to send it via the file sharing service most suitable for you, but I recommend wetransfer. (

  6. The final photos will not be able to be shared publicly before the final judgment

  7. The photos must have a UNIFORM WHITE background. In case of photos that do not correspond to the request, 3 points will be deducted from the final grade.

  8. The minimum number of photos is 9, divided into:

  9. 6 of the model (4 external + 2 internal)

  10. 3 of WIP.

  11. OPTIONAL: 2 detail photos, or in the case of a collage of detail photos, in case you consider them useful or necessary.

  12. The jury's decision is final.

At your place:

  1. Registration deadline: September 15th 2018

  2. Dances start: 22 August 2018

  3. First check: 15 December 2018

  4. Second check: March 15, 2019

  5. FINAL DELIVERY NOT DELAYABLE (Stay inside): April 30th 2019

  6. Exhibition at RED DEVILS AWARD: 25-26 May 2019

  7. Physical award ceremony at RED DEVILS AWARD: 26 May 2019


Evaluation criteria:

  1. Technique (10PT) (Evaluated in finishing, assembly cleaning, varnishing)

  2. Realism (10PT) (Total model yield, a realistic model or a toy)

  3. Photography (5PT) (Ability to tell the model in 6 photos, 4 of exteriors and 2 of interiors)

  4. Work-in-Progress Presentation (5PT) (Ability to show the salient passages in 3 photos, which can also consist of "coherent" collages of several photos, that is, combining different passages to show the work carried out on a specific aspect)

  5. Respect for delivery (1 PT) (Punctuality, size of photos, number of photos, presence of the plate in the final photos)

  6. Commercial Transkit and Superdetail (-5PT max) (The amount of TK and Detail-up used in the construction will be evaluated, with a score to remove based on each: PE standard 1pt, Detail resin kit 2pt, Detail-up PE + Resin 3pt , Superdetail-up PE + Resin + Metal parts 5pt. Transkit to be evaluated individually).

Awards:  1st Delta S4 full detail up (n ° 01) + Silicone and RESCHEMICAL resin

        2nd KMP voucher 50 € + Silicone and RESCHEMICAL resin

        3rd KMP voucher € 30 + RESCHEMICAL resin



Andrea Brivio - Designer and founder of KMP

Carlo Arduino - Admin of the group and founder of the "Museum of the car in assembly kit"

Antonio Geometer - Moderator of the group

Giovanni Castello - Well-known exponent of Italian modeling, member of the Red Devils, founder of the artisan modeling brand "G-Detail Factory"

Rhangga Putra - Artist, digital sculptor, mecha and car modeling enthusiast

Competitor kit list:

Andrea Brivio - Heller Peugeot 905 EVO Bis (Le Mans conversion) - SPECTATOR

Carlo Arduino Ferrari 250LM

Andrea Brivio - Exit Lancia Beta Martini

Luca Mosca - Tamiya Nissan GTR LM - Nismo Clarion

Daniele Sbabulus Balassi - Hasegawa Nissan r89c with Metal Engine

Milo Magnani - Aoshima Mclaren F1 GTR Long tail - Loctite + HobbyDesign PE

Christian Modica - Tamiya Toyota 88c-v + PE st27 basic

Giuseppe Nallino - Revell Bentley 4.5L Blower + FPP Modelos Rims

Maurizio Maggi - Tamiya GT-ONE ts020 Tsuchiya + SMS PE

Andrea Coppa - Gunze Sangyo Ferrari 250 GTO

Pier Paolo Poletto - Aoshima Mclaren F1 GTR Long tail - Loctite + HobbyDesign PE

Matteo Banfi - Tamiya Mazda 787b charge renown + SMS PE

Filippo Mondelli - Revell Chevrolet Corvette C5-R

Nicola Guerra - Fujimi Porsche 917k Gulf n ° 20

Fabio Mazzariello Fujimi Ford GT40 mk2

Fabio Mazzariello Tamiya Porsche 962C Repsol n ° 16

Fabio Mazzariello Hasegawa Jaguar XJR8

Fabio Mazzariello Alpine Renault A442B Turbo

Steva Biolca Revell Porsche 934 RSR ELF - Wollek

Denis Chiggiato Simil'R Pescarolo JUDD

Christian Breda - COMING SOON

Matteo Angiolillo Revell Chevrolet Corvette C7-R

Nazzareno Scutigliani - Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1

Sig Canardo Silenzi - Tamiya Nissan R89C + ST27 PE

Marco Carli Heller 917k Gulf n ° 2

Mattia Rubbe Straw Hat Gurian Fujimi Porsche RSR Martini


Luca Mosca - Nissan GTR-LM               20.83333333

Maurizio Maggi - Toyota Gt-ONE            18.16666667

Andrea Coppa - Ferrari 250 GTO            16.83333333

Stefano Biolcati - Porsche 934               16.66666667

Nicola Guerra - Porsche 917k                16.66666667

Denis Chiggiato - Pescarolo JUDD           16.5

Giuseppe Nallino - Bentley Blower           13.83333333