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Official Registrations will start from December 2019




ART. 1 The exhibition-competition is open to all modellers without age limits

ART. 2 The exhibition is open to all the categories of competing models that are self-assembled and self-made kits. Die-cast and pre-painted models are not allowed in the competition.

ART. 3 The participation fee for each individual competitor is set at 10 euros. For juniors, participation in the exhibition is free.

ART.4 Each competitor will be able to present more models for each category, in the event that the same model-list has presented more models belonging to the same category, he will be awarded for only one of the subjects made.

ART. 5 The models will be judged with an open formula by a jury made up of experts in the sector, whose judgment is unquestionable. The judgments of the jury will be expressed by evaluating the quality and technique of the construction, painting and realism of the subject. The cleanliness and simplicity of the presentation will also be evaluated.

ART. 6 The organizers reserve the right to photograph and / or film the models in competition.

ART. 7 The models must be delivered in closed boxes, accompanied by a card with the indications of the subject, author and any club to which they belong. Competitors may attach documentation relating to the modifications made to the models presented, which is mandatory documentation for self-built models.

ART. 8 Upon delivery the registration numbers will be applied on the Model and on the transport box and a receipt will be issued. The Modeller must keep and return the receipt at the time of collection of the models at the end of the competition; withdrawal of models is not allowed without receipt.

ART.9 The models are supervised during the exhibition's exhibition period by the organizers, but no liability is accepted for any damage or theft to the models on display. The organizers are not responsible for models not collected; in case of impediment to withdrawal, promptly notify the organizers.

ART. 10 The categories are intended to consist of a minimum of 5 models; if this number were not reached, the models will be included in similar categories.

ART. 11 Participation in the exhibition is subject to the completion of the registration form and involves the automatic and unconditional acceptance of the rules of this regulation. The data entered in the form remain reserved and treated in accordance with REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016

ART.12 The Contest is reserved for 1/24 scale model cars assembled by hand

ART 13 The start date of the works must be after 01/01/2018 and must be demonstrable via posts on internal sites, facebook pages or chat groups of model groups.

ART.14 The final judgment will be issued among all the contention models physically present at the exhibition, models presented only with photographs on the facebook page are not allowed to be evaluated.

NB: Models admitted to the registration must fall into the thematic category LIVREA MARTINI IN MOTORSPORT, therefore documented proof of participation of the model reproduced as a participant in at least one official competition may be requested.                                                                   


Giussano / MB Via Carroccio, 2 VILLA SARTIRANA 


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